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  • COVID-19 If I can help

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    Location: Wash Common

    If I can help

    Please do give me a call if you need some help during this time. If I can't help myself I'll be sure to connect you to the right person or people who are offering assistance.

    Even if … more

    News Update date: 3/20/2020

  • Environmental Strategy Feedback

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    Location: West Berkshire

    West Berks Lib Dem Group Environmental Strategy Feedback

    Our feedback and proposals are aimed at tackling the biggest issue, but also the ones we can do something about quickest. We are also urging … more

    News Update date: 2/18/2020

  • HELAA Use your voice

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    Location: Wash Common

    West Berkshire HELAA Out

    This is a very important piece of public information to review! It shows where new land for development is being considered.

    HELAA stands for Housing and Economic Land … more

    News Update date: 2/3/2020

  • Happy New Year 2020

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    Location: World Wide

    Happy New Year Wash Common

    Just to wish everyone a happy new year. Don't forget you can contact me at any time via the form or using more

    News Update date: 1/1/2020

  • Unlit Footpaths

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    Location: Wash Common Ward

    As your Liberal Democrat candidates for the upcoming local council elections (May 2nd). Tony Vickers and myself would love your feedback on installing solar powered motion sensitive lighting using … more

    News Update date: 3/12/2019

  • Flawed LRIE project

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    Location: Newbury

    £500,000 of taxpayers' money in flawed LRIE project.

    For some years West Berks Council has been trying to regenerate Newbury’s London Road Industrial Estate (LRIE) and this month the council have … more

    News Update date: 4/11/2019

  • Tackling Climate Change

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    Location: World Wide

    Lib Dem Tackling Climate Change

    The Lib Dems are the first to provide a detailed and realistic plan to get the UK to carbon zero whilst influencing the rest of world to the same end game.

    It's not … more

    News Update date: 9/30/2019

  • Environmental Impact Label

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    Location: West Berkshire

    Environmental Impact Label Proposal

    Understanding the impact on what you buy on the environment can help the UK influencve the world and how it produces goods. I'm proposing that the UK introduces a … more

    News Update date: 9/5/2019

  • Coffee Bonanza Update

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    Location: West Berkshire


    I've added in another 4 Independant coffee shops in Newbury to the 5 that were in the original. The independants seem to focus on the enviromental side of one use cups as well … more

    News Update date: 9/2/2019

  • SMATE-4Biz Save Money and The Enviroment

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    Location: West Berkshire


    Save Money and The Environment the business edition. To help West Berkshire business as a whole get started I've bought together some information on various ways business can save  money … more

    News Update date: 8/22/2019