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St Georges Wash Common
Meet Your Councillors 3rd August 2019
Warren Lodge
The Gun Public House
Field Near Warren Lodge

Cllr Adrian Abbs

What to expect from me as your West Berkshire Councillor

  • I mean to represent the ward by offering real scrutiny of the decision making being done.
  • I live in and run my business from Newbury for 20 years. (Expect me to care about local issues) 
  • My career has covered from shoveling peas to running international companies in Europe and the USA so I bring real world experience to the role. 
  • My opinions are fact driven - That means what I believe sometimes changes based on new evidence
  • Having come from a working class background I believe in a fair start for all and will look to fight for that in Wash Common.
  • I believe education is the fundermental building block of a life, it is something needed throughout your career and I want to see what we can do at West Berkshire to help.
  • I'll be trying to get better than 99% coverage for people in terms of having a de-fib near by.

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Happy New Year 2020

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January 2020
Happy New Year Wash Common Just to wish everyone a happy new year. Don't forget you can contact me at any time via the form or using adrian.abbs1@westberks.gov.uk
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