Spring & the West Berkshire Recycling centres
06 April 2022

Spring & the West Berkshire Recycling centres

I’m sure everyone already knows that WBC now requires you to book an appointment before you go to your local recycling centres (Newtown Road for our WARD). Not everyone is aware that as of March 1st you also need to have registered your vehicle's number plate. – The old paper system is now ended!


Below is a link to the help pdf they produced that will guide you through the restrictions.


Snelsmore and Greenham Common Car Parks to reopen to public
12 May 2020

According to West Berks

Following changes to national guidance this week, West Berkshire Council in partnership with the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) are to reopen the public car parks at Snelsmore and Greenham Common tomorrow, 13 May 2020.

The following key safety advice will still apply;

  • Keep at least 2 metres from anyone you meet
  • Only meet ONE person from outside household (maintain social distancing)
  • Drive to open spaced irrespective of distance (but not to second homes)
  • Avoid public transport where possible
  • Walking and cycling where possible to reduce car use

Richard Somner, West Berkshire’s Executive Member for Transport & Countryside said: “Opening up the car parks at Snelsmore and Greenham Common is the start of a phased recovery plan. We have chosen to open these two sites first as we have the capacity to manage them and to ensure continued public safety which is a priority for everyone.

“However, we would encourage people to continue to use active forms of travel such as walking or cycling where possible in preference to taking the car. We would also ask them to ensure that they carry on observing social distancing so that they can enjoy the countryside and exercise safely.”

Christopher Williams, Land Management & People Engagement Director, BBOWT said: Greenham and Snelsmore Common are nationally important places for wildlife and we would urge the public to respect these precious sites by staying on designated paths to avoid ground nesting birds and their chicks."

Tess Ethelston
Group Executive (Conservative)

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