Insulation Motion

West Berkshire


So far So Good.

The 3 biggest issues we face with getting homes in West Berkshire to an EPC rating of C or better is

Cost, Installers and Ability.

For many people, it's simply that they can't afford the capital layout, don't have the ability to do it well even if they could and the lack of installers to be able to tackle the 10,000's homes in West Berkshire that need doing.

We all know, that as much as we want the cost of living crisis to be over soon it's likely to stretch through 2023 and into 2024

We also know that the climate crisis is not being addressed anywhere near fast enough.

That's the backdrop to the insulation motion that is now being worked from its initial concept to a scheme that can be presented with funding streams identified to the council executive for sign-off. The motion has already gone through the West Berkshire Environmental Advisory Group once before being presented to the full council last Thursday. It will go back there for a final check.

Finally, we will get a West Berkshire scheme that takes a significant bite into the problem of saving money and the environment as it does.

Additional Documents

Insulation Motion Final.docx