Highwood Copse Set to Open September

Wash Common


Highwood Copse schools Opens September

Whilst I'm happy to say the school will finally open I can't say I've been impressed by the delivery. This all started way before I became a Councillor so I've not been able to change the result even though I've been asking from the leader of council to the officers I could find and the project team to do better.

They have a website which is here https://www.highwoodcopse.co.uk/

Please let the Council and Government know that it's just not right.

You decide, but here are some facts

First Environmental: -

Highwood Copse School in Wash Common was meant to have high environmental standards, a connected travel plan and solar energy (or panels) as it's a new school for the future.

What's delivered?

A drop from ‘excellent’ to ‘very good’ as its core environmental standard (BREEAM standard), removal of solar energy and a travel plan that's just not connected.

Why, given the decision to remove the solar panels was made after declaring a climate emergency, does this administration not admit the mistake and fund installation (the building was built with it in mind – it just need funding and fitting). You will likely hear that it's because it's an academy and they would all have to be treated the same. This is a brand-new school! Built with public money! Project managed by West Berkshire council!

Second the competence of the Conservative administration: -

This came to Western Area planning for final approval, so the school can open this September. Why did it come to planning as it's already built you might ask?

Because this council not only chose a builder that went bust, but approved and carried out a huge number of changes to the approved plans without getting permission and so had to submit for retrospective planning permission!

How is that any different than travellers buying a field and just starting to build and then also doing a retrospective planning application?

Also, how on earth do you contract with someone and then not bother to keep copies of the paperwork? This is the main reason why they asked to drop the requirement from ‘excellent’, to ‘very good’ as a standard.

I could go on, but urge the public to take note as a pattern has emerged.

With respect

Cllr Adrian Abbs (Lib Dem)