Abject Failure of LRIE project



Existing, business, residents and community groups are in near-unanimous agreement about the abject failure, by the Conservative administration, of their last proposals to redevelop the London Road Industrial Estate (LRIE). 

We have this one last chance to ensure the development becomes something of real value to the community. 

I now watch with dread as the current administration starts the next push without really listening first. 

Why am I so nervous? First the head man is the same person (Nick Carter), The administration is still run by the same party who's executive seem driven by the same ethos (money above community). 

They are still ignoring the wishes of the residents and business there, they won’t even listen to perfectly valid options from business people. 

Add that they can’t say sorry, because I assume they don’t think they did anything wrong means it is a recipe for another million of waste. 

Who will end up picking up the pieces – We the council tax payer.