Becoming an Independent

Wash Common


After a really long think I came to the conclusion that I can best serve the Wash Common community by becoming an Independent Councillor.

It allows me to speak freely on all matters of importance to the ward

It better matches the time I have to dedicate to being a Cllr.

It does not alter the balance of power at West Berkshire Council so those that voted for me as an alternative to a conservative administration still have that.

The background is directly related to the prospective parliamentary candidate selection I went through for the Lib Dems. Lib Dem English left me with no option but to resign which in turn meant I would d have to no longer be a local Lib Dem. The local party has nothing to do with my decision FYI.

Should, anyone like to chat about what that means please just call me or drop me an email.

Warmest Regards

Cllr Adrian Abbs

PS Should enough people in the ward want me to step down then I will absolutely do that. 1,712 voted for me so if more than half of that want me to go then I will without question.