Meeting with Police

Falkland Cricket Club


Public meeting with police at Falklands Cricket Club on 11th Jan for up to 50 people. Start approx 18:30.
The agenda will be confirmed later, but having listened to concerns from residents I asked for details of what has been happening crime-wise in our area.
Given the result, I have agreed with Angela Money (A local champion on this in our area) that it could be beneficial to arrange for the Police to bring along a team and talk through directly with the public what we think is happening and to describe what can be done.
The reason for choosing mid-Jan is the time it will take to arrange various diaries, and so we can have a look at a full calendar year.

Post Meeting Update

First thanks to Falklands Cricket Club for lending us the room for this important community function.

Also, thanks to my co-host Angela Money.

The local Safeguarding Inspector Matt Gow and Sgt Lizzie McDowell reported back on what crime is looking like in wash common given the rise that seemed to be happening last year. The first thing to say, was that the gang responsible for vehicle theft have been caught (in Derby as it happens). They are now on remand (behind bars).

Other types of crime are around or a little below pre pandemic levels, so it looks like things are back to near normal.

Others may wish to comment, but I felt we heard from two officers who care about what’s happening in our ward and who want to be proactive in helping address some other issues of concern.

Four other things of note for residents.

1) In addition to the 999 and 101 services we were encouraged to report things using the web from -

2) Keep your key fobs in a faraday cage. FYI any electrically conductive metal box (like a cake tin). Lots of cheap ones are available in online shops etc.

3) E-scooters and bikes – Be aware that police are clamping down one-scooters especially. You get one warning not to use then when caught again it will be confiscated. You can only get it back if you can get insurance – which you can’t. So, the e-scooter will be destroyed.

4) Lights on Bikes – We had a reminder that at night, your front and rear lights must have a least 1 always on light – One flashing light is not legal despite almost all lights sold supporting this functionality.

Angela Money’s neighbourhood watch meeting is tonight at the Wash Common Library and she can help you set a scheme up in your area if you would like.

Myself and David Marsh (As 2 of the District Cllrs) are going to work together with West Berkshire council and Police to look at speeding on Essex street and Monks lane. We will keep people posted via Facebook.