Being Independent
Being Independent


Why an Independent MP is Vital for Reading West and Mid Berkshire.

The creation of the Reading West and Mid Berkshire constituency presents a unique opportunity. This bringing together of diverse communities demands a fresh approach—one that is beyond party lines and prioritises the needs of constituents above all else.

Below are the 7 main reasons voting independent can make the key difference.

1. Representing All Views

From the Reading West wards of Tilehurst, Norcott and Kentwood, to our 15 rural locations, residents come from all walks of life. As an independent MP, I will make sure that every voice whosoever needs it, is represented in Parliament.

2. Breaking Free from Party Whips

Party loyalty constrains MPs. It forces them to vote for the party line even when it is against local interests. As an independent MP, I can work outside of these handcuffs. My allegiance lies 100% with you.

3. Tailoring Solutions to Local Challenges

With its urban and rural mix, Reading West and Mid Berkshire faces unique challenges. Affordable housing, transportation, environmental sustainability, and healthcare access, to name a few. As an independent MP, I will work tirelessly with you, creating solutions to improve our lives.

4. Building Cross-Party Alliances

Independence isn’t isolation. It means I can be nimble and collaborate across party lines. A golden opportunity for me to champion legislation to benefit you all.

5. Upholding Accountability and Transparency

As an independent MP one of my top priorities is to earn your trust. I promise to work in a transparent and accountable manner, responsible to my constituents. My life experience and direction from the community will drive my decisions. Constituents’ needs will come before mine.

6. Working in parliament and the constituency

Imagine an MP who hosts meetings across the constituency, listens intently to local concerns, and actively involves constituents in decision-making. I’m committing to do this as my aspirations are to be a great constituency MP. For me, as an independent, I want to reinvigorate civic engagement, encouraging residents to participate in shaping their own destinies by working closely with me.

7. Integrity

Trust in politicians has declined. To change this, my commitment is to principles, not party politics. My belief is that this will inspire confidence that I’m public, and not self-serving.

Reading West and Mid Berkshire needs an MP above day-to-day politics. One who champions the constituencies well-being, standing out against vested interests. As an independent MP I am this person, a tireless champion for Reading West & Mid Berkshire standing up for our communities. I want to be part of the solution, not the problem, and a true servant of the people.

Together, our voices will be heard.

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