Resident. Mid Berkshire

I’ve known Adrian since becoming involved with the campaign for the football pitch and against what the embedded bad practice in the council chambers of West Berkshire .

He was one of the handful of councillors who gave a damn. He is very supportive of good governance and I think he will make an excellent MP for this new seat.

He will listen and will do his best, I think he will make an excellent MP and certainly a better alternative to the three main parties.


Ian Hall

Council Colleague. Resident West Berkshire.

Adrian has been a colleague of mine on the parish council for several years. It would be fair to say that we have had our differences of opinion but I have always been impressed by Adrian’s approach. His business background provides a good basis for his involvement in organisations of this nature.

His arguments are well-prepared and well thought through and so he manages to cut through a lot of the public sector nonsense! He has an almost fanatical drive to make sure that taxpayers money is spent in the most effective and efficient way. We need more people like Adrian influencing public policy and has my backing as he stands for MP.

Cllr Steve Jones

Chairman Greenham Parish Council

Friend. Resident West Berkshire

I have known Adrian for over 20 years. In a desire to ‘give something back’, five years ago he took the decision to stop standing on the sidelines and stood for election as a parish then district councillor. Here he learnt the ropes of how local government works and has become a tireless campaigner on a number of issues.

A strong believer in fairness and doing the right thing, Adrian is not afraid to take on institutions, organisations or systems that aren’t playing fair when it comes to helping the people they were set up to support.

Tenacious, fair-minded and highly approachable, he is a creative and proactive ideas man who makes things happen. Added to which, when it comes to practical implementation he knows how to achieve measurable outcomes that make a difference.

Sarah Feneck

Owner Kick Communications

Ex Colleague. Resident West Berkshire

I worked for Adrian at TEEC for nearly a year and I could not have asked for a better work environment or experience. Adrian ran the company with efficiency, organisation and keen attention to detail to ensure the projects came out the best they could be. I believe this ability to realise goals is an important quality for an MP to have.

As an employer, Adrian made sure I was doing well in my role and learning more to help me improve, as well as ensuring all employees were treated with respect and compassion. One of the reasons TEEC is such a strong business is the work environment Adrian fostered; it is a collaborative and enriching workplace, and I will always look back on my time there with fondness and appreciation. The values Adrian projected into TEEC to make it such a healthy workplace are exactly what we need more of in our government.

Adrian’s determination to improve things, compassion for those around him, and understanding of how to achieve the goals he reaches for are the qualities I admired most of his, and the reason for TEEC’s success as a business and as a work place. These are the qualities I would want to find in my MP so I could feel confident that they would represent me and their other constituents well.

Lyra Willow

Resident. Mid Berkshire ex-Lib Dem candidate

I've had the privilege of working with Adrian for the past six years, and I can wholeheartedly attest to his unwavering dedication and passion. Adrian is not just a boss; he's a leader who tackles challenges head-on and doesn't rest until resolutions are found. His determination is unparalleled, making him an invaluable asset to any endeavour. Adrian's commitment to making a positive impact is evident in his council work. Undoubtedly, with his strong work ethic and genuine concern for the community, he will be an exceptional MP. Adrian Abbs is the leader we need – determined, passionate, and resolute in his pursuit of a better future.

Zdena Burne

Office Manager

Resident West Berkshire

I helped establish the Newbury Community Football Group (NCFG) in 2016 which has been campaigning since 2015 to save and rebuild the Town’s football ground. Little did I know at the time how difficult and frustrating it would be dealing with local councils and other government-funded agencies such as Sport England.

After nearly 10 years of campaigning, I can fully appreciate why people, both locally and nationally, have dwindling faith (and expectations) in our public sector from a political, competence and administration perspective.

There are Seven Principles of Public Life (also known as the Nolan Principles) that should apply to anyone who works as a public officeholder, namely selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty, and Leadership.

Unfortunately, in my experience, few who hold office in local (or national) government adhere to these principles. Adrian is one of the few who does live by these principles. The other factor that makes Adrian stand out is his attention to detail and his ability to put key issues before and above party politics. I sincerely believe that we desperately need people and politicians who are independent in thought and deed rather than those who are told what to do by central dogmatic party machines and of course those who can keep promises that they make!

Paul Morgon

Resident. Berkshire.

I have known Adrian Abbs for over 25 years.

He is a successful entrepreneur and a very generous and caring person.

He is a good listener and a problem solver.

If we had more people like Adrian in government this country wouldn’t be in the state it is in now.

Carlo Neputé



Having been a close friend of Adrian since our student days over 40 years ago, I know him to be a loyal and compassionate friend, a principled, hardworking and determined achiever who has always put 100% into anything he believes in. As such, I consider him an ideal independent candidate who will bring a fresh approach and real change if elected as your representative.

Ralph Sanderson

Company Director  (retired)

Ex Colleague. Resident West Berkshire

I really enjoyed my time working at TEEC - it combined a good focus on work within a friendly atmosphere. Adrian always made sure the staff were well looked after, and ran the company combining trust in his employees and interest in the personal development within their role. He was a very generous boss, and a pleasure to work for!
I think Adrian would make a fantastic MP - he ran a business with care and dedication, skills which a constituency would be lucky to benefit from!

Isabelle Brucciani

Colleague. Resident Mid Berkshire

I have worked with Adrian for five years,

Adrian has always fully supported me with work issues and tasks, but also personal issues. He has always been available day and night.

I have seen some of the work he has carried out in the community and his passion, his attention to detail and his willingness to support the community is incredible.

Mark Holton

Sales & Marketing Director TEEC Ltd

Ex Client. Chelmsford

Adrian and I worked closely together for over 6 years whilst I was in charge of Digital at Britvic.
Not only did the company he represent deliver on a wide range of digital platforms and solutions, but as the Marketing landscape continued to evolve, he personally acted as a trusted advisor & consultant on future platforms and strategy.
I am sure we will work together again in the near future.

Gareth Dix

Global Director Brand Communications Innovative Medicines International

Ex Client. Birchwood

Adrian is a clear thinking and innovative Digital Marketing Professional who comes up with valuable and creative solutions to real business problems. He is willing to do the work to understand the issues at hand, able to synthesize them into a clearly articulated need and then present worthy and well thought through solutions.

Richard Milne

VP & General Manager Digital Science at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Ex Boss. California

I hired Adrian to set up and run an EMEA-wide operation for KickFire, which he did quickly and effectively. He then went on to evangelise MRM to OEM’s and agencies, at a time when the concept of marketing resource management was still unknown to much of the industry. If the opportunity arose it would be a pleasure to work with him again.”

Gordon Ciochon

Was CEO at Kickfire USA

Ex Boss/Colleague now friend. Swindon

Adrian first came onto my radar in 1999 during Intel. He had been "imported' via their acquisition of Chips & Technology where he had been managing their European operations.
I immediately found Adrian to be a hands-on problem solver with excellent interpersonal skills and was not surprised when he took the plunge to set up his own business a few years later. I am pleased to report this has been a success, blazing new ground in eMarketing. The strength of this business (TEEC) is wholly down to the determination of Adrian combined with his instinctive commercial abilities and thorough technical experience.

Christopher Brown

Was Director of Distribution at intel.

Ex Boss. California

Adrian managed our sales, marketing and engineering for the European market. He was responsible for our rapid growth with our major oem and distribution channels. He is a true professional and great manager. I would love to have Adrian on my team in the future

Richard Christopher

Was Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Chips & Technologies

Ex Client & now Friend. Leeds

Adrian supplied ICM with a marketing system - he was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, reliable and delivered on time and on budget. The system was a great success and assisted ICM in generating millions of pounds of opportunities.

Erick Mackay

Was Group Marketing Director at ICM Computer Group

Ex Boss. Birmingham

Adrian is a first class technologist, with excellent market awareness and customer facing skills; a rare combination.

Alan Scott

Was Chief Engineer at Apricot Computers

Ex Client/Colleague now Friend. Cambridge

I have known Adrian for over 20 years and as well as being a very talented and knowledgeable IT systems professional, he has a great passion and zest for life which always makes working with him a real joy

Jonathan Wainwright

Was Managing Director at FCG Marketing

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